Website design Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    SEO is a service which optimises a website in order to appear on more, and higher on search engine pages. This is done through working with search engines themselves, and a host of configuration in the back-end of the website and attempts to display a website high on the first search page.
  • Web Interaction Analytics
    With analytics the website owner is able to view every interaction with the website. This includes, location, duration per page, and numerous other returns. It ensures the owner to shape it's service or business according to client requirements and better answer to customer needs.
  • Responsive web design
    Responsive web design makes web pages display and open better on different devices (PC, tablet, phone) and window or screen sizes. Content, design and performance considerations are required across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction. This require multiple websites to be built from the same framework.
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Search Phrase Registration
  • Account Management
Web Pressence
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting management
  • email and mailbox management

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